Another Country Check!

My time in Panama has come to an end and it has been great! My research project with the A. IMG_7296collare ants proved statically significant and all of our group projects got written up. At the end of the program we all went to Boquete which is in a IMG_7208Cloud Forest. It was a great way to end the experience, we hiked to a waterfall, saw petroglyphs, went to the hot springs, shopped, and ate pizza! After rice and beans and rice and beans, pizza was a nice change of pace. The petroglyphs were my favorite part because I had never seen anything like that before and I just had so many questions. The petroglyphs were thousands of years old and largely unknown. Another interesting thing about them, was they were only found on one large rock and the next neatest site was 4km away.


During my stay in Panama I saw some pretty cool animal species. Insects, of course, were my favorite, some we saw were the hercules beetle,IMG_6830

the clear-winged butterfly, IMG_6998and my research ants.Apterostigma, worker We also saw a sloth,IMG_7148millipedes, IMG_6859scorpions (although the photo is an exoskeleton),IMG_6965Strawberry Poison Dart frogs, IMG_6843fer-de-lance snake, IMG_7150and a quetzal. This image is from one of my fellow classmates, you can check out her blog at


My trip to Panama was a blast and a great opportunity! If anyone would like more information feel free to ask or check out

Well I have to stay put in the United States until May when I graduate! Yikes, how the past four years have flown! I am so grateful for everyone support! Thanks for reading, until next time!


2 thoughts on “Another Country Check!

  1. Hi Kelsey,
    Your trips were so interesting, it was like watching a travel-log. Panama sounded nice, but BUGS….YUK. I hope you didn’t bring any home with you. Those beetles looked UGLY. The clear winged butterfly was pretty. Weren’t you afraid that the scorpion would bite you?
    The time sure did fly by, but you were kept really busy and what an experience you had that you never would have seen if it wasn’t for your classes.
    Thank you for sharing your escapades.

    • Thanks Aunt Joan! I really love insects so it was a lot of fun for me! The scorpion was just it’s exoskeleton so the actual animal wasn’t in there. I am happy you read my blog, it means a lot!

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